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Use eBit System app to purchase eBit tokens and help us build the payment processor of our time.

40 mln eBit tokens
0.24$ Current price
20 mln eBit tokens
0.48$ -
10 mln eBit tokens
0.96$ -

The blockchain keeps everyone honest, and a whole layer of banking bureaucracy is removed, lowering costs.

Poul Vigna


Solution to the problem of all currency exchange

In times of free access to information, easy intercontinental travel, international business and payments being done every second, currency exchange and international payments are still expensive and time consuming. While cryptocurrency payments could be the solution to these problems, it is next to impossible to make bitcoin or etherium payments for business transactions. Everyday purchases with cryptocurrencies are just not available. eBit System is the app to change that and make way for a new era in currency exchange and payment. We plan to ensure payments in fiat currency, cryptocurrency.

Low transaction fees

eBit System uses cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to make all transactions cheaper. Nothing is more important, then making our system affortable for everyone. Banking and exchange costs can reach up to 12% of transaction value. We plan to save money for our users by making it as low as 1%. Competive edge not only for our business clients, but also, us.

At a click of a button

While instant travel is not possible yet, there is no reason anybody should wait up to three days for an international transaction to finalize. We want to save not only money, but most importantly - time. Making sure all transactions, exchanges and payments are done in a matter of minutes is imperative.

Your personal exchange

Freedom of choice used to be a luxury, but now You can make payments wherever You like, in the currency You choose. Simple and quick personalized wallet with Your own eBit System card.

Always available

Smartphones make it easy for us to message friends, post photos, check our mail and get information. Making payments with foreign currency, cryptocurrency and else can also always be accessable with Your eBit System App.

eBit System app

To buy Ebit tokens for 0,24 $ download the Ebit System App, exchange your Ethereum for Ebit and help us build the payment processor of our time!


  • own, unique product
  • transaction speed of up to 100 000/s
  • low transaction fees for Ebit Coin
  • used for storing both cryptocurriencies and regular curriencies

eBit cantor

  • instant international transfers
  • low exchange fees
  • mobile exchange 24/7
  • exchanges both crypto and regular currencies

Payment card

  • both regular and crytpocurrency payments possible
  • long awaited breakthrough in the world of cryptocurriencies
  • online payments anywhere in the world
  • we introduce millions of people to eBit System
eBit System animation

Benefits for tokenholders


Purchasing over 300.000 eBit. Lifetime 50% return on commission paid. Unlimited access to the eBit card before official release plus a lifetime renewal.


Purchasing over 200.000 eBit. Lifetime 40% return on commission paid. Unconditional access to the eBit card before official release.


Purchasing over 100.000 eBit. Lifetime 20% return on commission paid. Unconditional access to the eBit card before official release.

finance distribution


Market and network fluency

In order to function well within the financial market, we need to initiate collaboration with other companies. To make payments as fast and secure as possible, large portion of our budget is going to securing transactions and contracts. Also, this opens up financial opportunities in the future.



Giving users an app that not only is a great product, but also is evolving and constantly getting better is something that requires a strong development team and funds. After licencing and partnership costs are met, we plan to reinvest up to 50% of our revenue for further system development.


Licensing, integration and partnership

As eBit System Limited we need to invest in software licences, bear the additional costs associated with cards and also “patching the gap” beetween cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.



We want to help millions of people with everyday transactions. By promoting our vision we can reach those people, and make sure our investors are taken care of.


Additional workforce

In order to grow at a rapid pace, we need to hire additional specialists in fields such as Finance and Legal Finance, Marketing, HR, Administration and Customer Service.


Artur Hofman
Co-founder/CEO of eBit System

Experienced in cryptocurrency market since 2014, marketing expert since 1989, current Google partner.

Jarosław Dziędzioł
Co-founder/CTO of eBit System

Cryptocurrency analyst since 2014, programmer and qualified photograph high scored by Google. Development Advisor.

Juliusz Czakon
Marketing Director

Marketing specialist since 2014, Entrepreneur and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Adrian Łojek
Creative Director/Brand Manager

Entrepreneur and visionary, participated in numerous project as a creative director and advisor.

Katarzyna Kasprzycka
Project Manager

Scrum methodology specialist, worked on numerous projects since 2012.

Ilya Panashchenko
Social Media Specialist

Social media nad graphic design specialist since 2011.

Aleksander Stando
Head of customer service

5 years experience in customer service management, leader of customer service groups of up to 100 people, cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Anna Kandziora
HR management

Started as a recrutant of sales managers and supervisors, while developing her passion for cryptocurrencies. To her, cooperating with eBit System is mixing work with play.


III Q 2019

III Q 2019

Launch of eBit Coin onto cryptocurrency markets

Febuary 2019


First fiat currencies implemented into eBit System

December 2018

December 2018

Introduction of Bitcoin

June 2018

June 2018

Beginning of negotiations with bit.nxt

June 2018

June 2018

eBit System app launch. Introducing a wallet with a posibility of instant eBit token transfer and Ether to eBit exchange

Febuary 2018

Febuary 2018

First steps into developing the eBit System


Accepted currencies and restrictions

During ICO, we accept payments in ETH and BTC. The minimum required investment is 100 eBits.

Initial Coin Offering explained

In return for financing the further development of eBit System, our earliest users are offered a sale of a new cryptocurrency. Access to such funds will allow for immediate acceleration of development. It is also an effective way to bypass traditional, much slower financing methods.

Services offered by eBit System

eBit System is not a bank, it offers much more than standard bank products - ability to have all of your transactions, accounts, currencies in one place, with the minimal prices for exchange, transfer or card payment. Some of typical features will stay of course. Users will be able to transfer money between them, receive and send standard transfers, in all currencies, in real time.

Being an eBit System user is a great benefit on many different levels. Apply for a FIAT credit card at any time, and we will reflect it and secure it in the cryptocurrencies.

How would you comment scam alerts ?

While others talk a lot, we develop software. While it took us longer then we expected, we released software after 5 months of work. We are currently the only ICO in cryptopayments, that can offer a working product. We are a transparent, fully audited company, soon to be in possiesion of a DLT license. Scam rumours are just our competition trying to hold us back.

What is the main reason of choosing ICO as the best opportunity to raise money ?

There are several reasons, but I think the main is that it is currently the best and the least limited way to organize funds for specific purposes. Investors have the opportunity to benefit from the ICO that they support, they also contribute to a project they like and which they would like to see in the light of day.


04.10.2018 Officially on Google Play!

We are proud to announce that eBit System App is no longer a test version!! Download the official App for android from Google Play now!

01.10.2018 eBit system prepares for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is on its way to eBit System! Look out for our new guest to eBit System App - Bitcoin! Soon it will be possible to purchase eBit for Bitcoin and exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum! Don't forget - The price is still $0,24 !

24.09.2018 Let's start!

We are in final stages of preparation before the launch of our Virtual Financial Asset Offering! Soon it will be possible to purchase eBit tokens not only through our website, but also our eBit System app available on GooglePlay! The price - $0,24, so don’t miss out!