eBit System


eBit System is a digital wallet for storing tokens with the function of transferring funds using blockchain.


eBit System 2.0

coming soon

eBit 2.0

    Simultaneously with the development of the current application, work is underway on the new version of the application.
    Following the experience gained in the last years of our presence on the mobile market and observing the direction of development and the latest system standards, we decided to design the application so that it meets the expectations of even the most demanding users. It will be simpler, clearer, modern and more intuitive. A completely new look will be created and the functionality will be extended.
  • New version of the application
  • New look
  • Extra security
  • Available in the official App Store and Google Play
  • WEB version with full functionality

The blockchain keeps everyone honest, and a whole layer of banking bureaucracy is removed, lowering costs.

Poul Vigna



Providing a safe and reliable portfolio for storing, exchanging, buying and selling digital currencies.


Payment by digital currencies. For everyone. Always and everywhere.


A multi-currency electronic wallet that allows storage, transfer, exchange of digital currencies and fiat currencies in the following configurations: • FIAT – Virtual • Virtual – FIAT • Virtual – Virtual.

Token eBitcoin

The eBit token is based on the decentralized standard smart contract ERC20. It is a utility token and is the basis for transactions made on the eBit System platform..

Token Teuron

Teuron is a token based on EURO in a 1: 1 ratio.
The issuer is the company STB TEURON Group.
The company operates under the supervision of an Estonian regulator.


  • Available currencies: TRN, EBIT, RTO, T4U, ULT, ELIS, AMLT
  • Alternative to MEW (MyEtherWallet)
  • Stabletoken related to Euro
  • Many language version of the application
  • The private key under your control
  • Passgate payment gateway
  • White Label solutions
  • The application is available for mobile devices with Android and iOS
  • The platform is available 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world

eBit System app

To buy digital currencies and tokens, download the Ebit System App and help us build the payment processor of our time!

Stand-alone terminal SALE-PURCHASE


  • Opportunity to instantly Exchange Cash to token Or token to cash.
  • A large touchscreen monitor, Simple and intuitional service.
  • Many languages – make out devices able to work all over the world.
  • Safe, stand-alone terminal made of trick steel.
  • UPS device that allows to safesy complete the trans action and print its confirmation.


01.07.2021 Migration eBit System App
As announced previously, we started working on migrating the eBit System app to the new version. Therefore, they may have problems accessing the eBit System app on mobile devices.
01.06.2021 Stand-alone terminal SALE-PURCHASE
Work on the purchase and sales terminal has been completed. The device system has been integrated with the eBit system. This way you will be able to buy and sell on the device.
01.05.2021 Development eBit System App 2.0
The development of the new version of the application has been completed. We will soon begin preparations for the migration to the new version.
01.03.2021 Price list of eBit System services
From 01/04/2021 a new price list for services will be introduced. We will inform you about the price list change by e-mail.
01.01.2021 New channel for news
We are reorganizing our communication channels with users and therefore we have created a new information channel in which we will provide the most important information about the eBit System project as well as information about errors and problems in the operation of the application. The new channel has been created on the Telegram messenger. Link to the channel https://t.me/eBit24. Please join us.

From January 1, 2021. existing channels will not be supported.
01.11.2020 eBit System App 2.0
Work on the new version of the application has started.

A completely new look will be created and the functionality will be extended.
20.10.2020 License "Providing a virtual currency service"
Please be advised that Trinni Group OU. - eBit System wallet operator - has obtained the Estonian license "Providing a virtual currency service".

We met all the licensing requirements in accordance with the amendment to the Estonian Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Act of March 10, 2020.

We have been subjected to a series of detailed checks and as a result we have obtained the above-mentioned license. The regulator also confirmed the compliance of our AML / KYC procedures with the guidelines.

Thanks to this, we can still legally provide services in the field of e-wallets, token storage and operations related to the exchange of FIAT currencies into digital currencies.
9.09.2020 Maintainance
We are starting maintainance works. In following days, some of eBit System functionalities may be disrupted or temporarly unavailable. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.
28.05.2020 WEB wallet published
We introduced WEB version of eBit system that allows you perform basic eBit wallet operations from your computer.
15.03.2020 ATM integration
eBit System have been integrated with ATM devices. In first phase devices will be introduced in Slovak country. After tests finishing, we will expand to other countries.
11.02.2020 Private key recovery
In connection with repeated reports regarding the loss of the private key to the eBit wallet, we are introducing the function of creating a backup with the option of recovering the private key. This function is already available in the wallet, and instructions in this regard can be found at http://www.ebit-system.io
10.01.2020 Purchase of eBit tokens for FIAT
The option of buying eBit tokens for FIAT currencies has been launched in the eBit System application. This is the last moment to buy our tokens for $ 0.48. The eBit token is a utility token and forms the basis of transactions made on the platform eBit System.
08.11.2019 Exchange token
eBit System application allows in a few simple steps to exchange Ethereum for a stable token Teuron and for FIAT currencies such as PLN, CZK, EUR, USD, GBP.
30.10.2019 New operator of Ebit Wallet - Trinni Group OÜ
In the best interest of our users we decided to move our operations to Estonia. From the 1st of November Trinni Group OÜ will become a new operator of Ebit Wallet. Trinni Group Ou is a company affiliated with us and it is holding two licenses :
- Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat
- Providing a virtual currency wallet service.
15.09.2019 Stationary exchange office
In cooperation with our partner, we have enabled you to exchange digital currencies for fiat currency. Exchanges can be made in our office from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 15:00 by appointment.
Tel. 696-014-649
06.07.2019 Private key password protected
From now on, you must enter the password to access the private key.
22.04.2019 FIAT currencies exchange is now available
We introduced ability to exchange FIAT - Teurons on following fiat currencies:
20.02.2019 eBit is back
We are back for Android users, unfortunately, we are still having issues with apple store.
19.02.2019 Service temporarly unavailable

Dear Users

Ebit System Application is temporarily unavailable due to improvement process related with a new token listing.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Ebit System Team

26.11.2018 Teuron coming soon!
We are happy to inform You we have begun the development of Teuron. It will be used to exchange Euros and Dollars on the website and transfer them wherever You want, instantly, without fees. Teuron will have a non changing value, therefore it is perfect for transactions!
19.11.2018 KYC AML

To make sure all Your transactions are secure and regulated correctly, we have brought a new partner - Coinfirm, to handle our AML/KYC procedures. Make sure to check out the new procedures on the eBit System App in the Profile section.

12.11.2018 eBit System welcomes Elis token holders

We must be doing something right, because as of right now, Elis token holders are welcome to park their tokens at eBit System. Elis is a ground-breaking drone mapping technology currently in ICO stage. Make sure to check them out!

05.11.2018 eBit exchanges temporarly blocked due to technological improvements

Because we want to provide You with the best quality of services possible, we are temporarly blocking eBit to Ether exchanges due to technological improvments we are implementing. Be patient - it is all worth it!

29.10.2018 First exchangable pair of crypto currencies on eBit System

We are officialy dealing on own account. eBit System is an online exchange office, and our first pair of currencies are Ethereum and eBit. It is now possible to exchange this currencies with each other. Enjoy!

22.10.2018 Rento - Rent, Share, Profit - Everything You Want

eBit System is very happy to announce a new partner making it's way onto the eBit System App. Rento is an ICO company preparing to become the biggest worldwide sharing platform for all devices, things and services. Combined with a Proof of Authority Blockchain for smartcontracts between users and a very interesting token economy solutions, Rento is a partner we are very proud to cooperate with. That is why we allowed Rento token holders to park their tokens at our easy to use, intuitive, safe wallet.

15.10.2018 eBitCoin still at sale for $0,24

We know that the amount of updates and software we are releasing is not typical for most ICO's. eBit System developes software as quickly as possible, not after we finish all token sales. The current price of eBit is $0,24, don't be late, it won't be available for long.

8.10.2018 Fashion, or technology expo at Trencin Mesto Mody 2018?

We were honoured to take part in Trencin Mesto Mody Exop 2018. While the entire expo was about fashion, we provided a fun expo of eBit System for that part of the crowd, who was intrested in new technologies as well. Check out a recap of the event. Our interview comes up at: 8:42 on youtube

04.10.2018 Officially on Google Play!

We are proud to announce that eBit System App is no longer a test version!! Download the official App for android from Google Play now!

01.10.2018 eBit system prepares for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is on its way to eBit System! Look out for our new guest to eBit System App - Bitcoin! Soon it will be possible to purchase eBit for Bitcoin and exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum! Don't forget - The price is still $0,24 !

24.09.2018 Let's start!

We are in final stages of preparation before the launch of our Virtual Financial Asset Offering! Soon it will be possible to purchase eBit tokens not only through our website, but also our eBit System app available on GooglePlay! The price - $0,24, so don’t miss out!


Buttons in application are grayed out

To properly use eBit system wallet every customer has to pass the KYC procedure. To pass the KYC procedure upon logging in You have to click on the profile icon.

Next, you have to type in Your proper personal data in your profile section.

Now You need to click on KYC Verification, there You will be asked to upload 3 pictures,

Front Your ID,

Back of Your ID

and a valid - not older than 3 months- Invoice proving your address.

Within 48h Your KYC will be reviewed and either accepted or rejected. You will receive a message once everything is uploaded properly:

You will receive a push message regarding the result on Your phone :

Meantime You have to verify your phone number. It is located next to KYC verification in Profile Section.

If you properly filled out your phone number You will receive a one-time use verification code with will either auto fill out (for Android users) or you will be asked to retype it into your App(iPhone Users). If You retyped the code correctly and confirmed you will receive the prompt below :

if you encounter any problems regarding this procedure please contact us at: support@ebitsystem.io

How to get access to entire wallet functionality?
Full functionality of your account is available only for clients with KYC verification and referral link applied.
Wallet operator

The wallet operator is the licensed company Trinni Group OÜ.

Wallet user manual

In case of problems with the configuration of the eBit System application, please visit our website ebit-system.io where you will find current wallet instructions in Polish, Czech and English. You will also find video instructions in Polish on the website.

Recomendation code
We encourage you to use the command program. Thanks to this, you and your friends can benefit from using the eBit System application. You can find full information about the command program here: CLICK AND DOWNLOAD
Private key

Important! Don't share your private key with anyone! Also remember to make a backup. You can save the private key to your device or print it.

Contact form

In case of problems use the contact form available in the Ebit System application or write a message to the address support@ebit-system.io